Laboratory is an integral part of a healthcare facility, dedicated to conducting diagnostic tests and analyzing patient samples to support medical diagnosis and treatment. Staffed by skilled laboratory professionals and equipped with advanced technology and instrumentation, hospital laboratories perform a wide range of tests on various types of specimens, including blood, urine, tissue, and body fluids.

Our high complexity ISO 15189 certified laboratory, driven to provide an outstanding level of service 24/7 have comprehensive test menu including Paternity testing in Collaboration with SRL diagnostic laboratory (India). ? Rigorous quality deployed across all 6(Six) Departments and phases of testing.

1. Hematology ; This department performs around 400 specimens daily using 4 fully Automated Hematology Analyzers HMX Beckman Coulter, Sysmex xp-300, Spincell 3, Humacount 30TS that Can deliver up to 225 complete blood cell Counts per hour.

2. Immunology; Using 3 latest immunoassay Analyzers Cobas e411 Roche Hitachi, Access2 Beckman coulter, Maglumi 800 that uses Electrochemiluminescence and chemiluminescence technology which can perform 360 tests in an hour. Which include:

  • Tumor Markers
  • Fertility hormones
  • Thyroid Function Panels
  • Viral markers
  • Cardiac markers
  • Anemia Panel

3. Clinical chemistry; With the help of 4 high Quality and innovative clinical chemistry analyzers AU 480 Beckman coulter, Cobas- C311 Roche Hitachi, ABX pentra 400 and Mindray BS200 that provides extensive and expanding test menu, this department have the capacity of delivering 1400 results within an hour.

4. Molecular; The First from Private Hospitals Multi drug resistant TB (MDR TB) Detection is being performed in this Department using GeneXpert Machine that applies simultaneous Amplification and Detection of the TB Bacteria DNA and resistance to Rifampicin.

5. Basic Microscopy; In addition to stool and urine Analysis, Routine Bacteriology (All Bodily fluids including seminal fluid Analysis) Performed in this department.

6. Mini Blood Bank TGH mini blood bank ensures the safety and purity of blood. Its best practices in blood transfusion allow patients to receive the safest blood.


Study and diagnosis of disease performed by using gross, Microscopic, Immunologic, genetic, and molecular Modalities ofsurgically removed organs, tissues (Biopsy samples) and Bodily fluids in this department. Which includes:

  1. Pap smear (to test for cervical cancer in woman)
  2. Peripheral Blood Morphology
  3. Cytology
  4. Biopsy
  5. In addition Immunohistochemistry testing performed in collaboration with Agilus Diagnostic Lab (India)


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