Our Managment Teams

Teklehaimanot General Hospital has a centralized governance where dedicated and visionary managers have leadership roles to ensure that divisional and sub-divisional units understand and implement the overarching vision of the organization in their daily tasks, and constantly formulate new ways to increase efficiency and quality on all levels of the organization.

Dr.Molla Birhanu Founder & CEO Teklehaimanot General Hospital is a modern medical institution with two decades of experience providing timely and cost effective professional medical care in a supportive and compassionate environment. TGH commitment, integrity and collegiality ensure continuous improvements that are invaluable, and rewards patients with value-added services. Adopting a patient-centred culture differentiates TGH from other hospitals; it fills the heart of the institution, making it a haven to nurture care. Strategic core values are the pillars that represent excellence for high quality patient-centred care, backed by accuracy, and efficiency of specialized experienced professionals working in a TGH that fosters confidence and a sense of caring. ‘’Stay healthy and should the need arise, we are just a call a way’’.
Beza Hailu Co-CEO I am very grateful for our Hospital president Dr. Molla Birhanu, who always tries to achieve his dream in a great commitment. Teklehaimanot General Hospital was born in his mind. Now it is a home for more than 400 employees and a great asset for the community. Our Hospital delivers compassionate medical care for every stage of life. Families have access to high-quality, patient centered care. We feel a deep sense of pride and commitment to all those who place trust in our care. Our primary focus is to deliver exceptional care that exceeds national standards in quality, safety and patient satisfaction. Our ability to do so is positively influenced by the incredible staffs. That’s why our system work so well. It’s all about people with caring hearts, people with a purpose. Our staff delivers on the promise every day. It is these physicians, nurses and other supporting staffs who each and every day bind the miracle of compassion with the technology to make a real difference in the lives of our patients. We are committed to earning the trust and faith you place in us and are honored to be able to participate in your health care
Dr. Meklit Ayalew Medical Director Everyone comes to a hospital with an issue to be addressed by a medical professional. This is a moment when the person is so vulnerable and sensitive to any feedback. Consequently, the professional is charged with the heavy obligation of compassionately addressing the client's emotional and physical problems. The core value of Teklehaimanot General Hospital is treating patients and giving compassionate care. In our hospital, quality is a non-negotiable priority. More than 70 General, specialty, subspecialty, and supportive services are involved in daily operations. We offer modern imaging technology as part of our diagnostic services, and our laboratory is ISO certified. The therapeutic service includes dialysis, a well-equipped intensive care unit/ICU/ and neonatal intensive care unit/ NICU/, operation rooms, and in-patient services. So we work hard to give the best quality service with great compassion and address the national health care need.